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Title Event or Publication Author or Presenter Type Date
Bypassing SSL Pinning on Android via Reverse Engineering Denis Andzakovic Whitepaper 19 May 2014 View
Leveraging XSRF with Apache Web Server “Compatibility with older browser” feature and Java Applet Roberto Suggi Liverani Whitepaper 18 Oct 2010 View
Cross Context Scripting with Firefox Roberto Suggi Liverani Whitepaper 21 Apr 2010 View
Exploiting Cross Context Scripting Vulnerabilities in Firefox Nick Freeman Whitepaper 21 Apr 2010 View
Case Study - Direct Payment Solutions assured of greater data integrity on credit card transactions Whitepaper 25 Sep 2009 View
Simplifying the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Whitepaper 01 Jan 2007 View
Access over Ethernet: Insecurities in AoE Carl Purvis and Morgan Marquis-Boire Whitepaper 21 Aug 2006 View
Exploiting Freelist[0] On Windows XP Service Pack 2 Brett Moore Whitepaper 07 Dec 2005 View
Bugger The Debugger - Pre Interaction Debugger Code Execution Brett Moore Whitepaper 09 Apr 2005 View
0x00 vs ASP File Uploads Brett Moore Whitepaper 13 Jul 2004 View