Managed Vulnerability Assessment Service’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment provides a quick glance of the security posture of your systems and applications. Due to the changing nature of the security landscape and your business requirements, it is recommended that such assessments be conducted frequently (especially in between Penetration Tests) to continuously monitor existing threats.

With the Managed Vulnerability Assessment Service,’s experts scan your systems and applications for vulnerabilities, which are potentially susceptible to exploitation, on a recurring basis. The Managed Vulnerability Assessment can be performed externally from Internet or internally in the DMZ or LAN. The Managed Vulnerability Assessment fieldwork is performed with the use of QualysGuard.

Our programme covers a vast range of vulnerabilities, protocols, applications, operating systems and other services to continuously discover, at minimum, all known vulnerabilities, providing more accurate results and thereby excluding false positive and false negative findings. This programme wraps QualysGuard benefits within an extra management and governance layer. Our Security Consultants perform environmental scoping and assessment using QualysGuard and provide detailed reports, follow up advice and assistance in understanding, prioritising and mitigating risks. analyses the findings and reports potential issues and their impact, together with prioritised recommendations for improvement, bearing in mind your specific context and the role of systems and applications and their importance to your organisation. Our Managed Vulnerability Assessment Service combined with QualysGuard allow for continuous assessment of your posture and measurement of improvement over time.