How we do Business

Risk management can only be executed once there is a clear and in-depth understanding of the existing security posture, vulnerabilities and risk tolerance. Once the intricacies of your organisations individual threat landscape have been mapped out, then the most suitable policies and technologies can be implemented to provide multiple layers of defence. has a range of threat management services to determine your organisations risk profile, whether you need to gauge your security posture against:

  • A defined security standard
  • Security “baseline”
  • Internal policy

Our multi-layered approach helps to determine threats, align corporate resources to address security shortcomings, simplify management and increase visibility and plans for evolving threats through a well-designed security strategy.'s approach to security is based on the acknowledgment that every client is unique.’s services assist our clients by illuminating potential vulnerabilities and by providing prioritised risk based recommendations to improve the security of the systems being examined. is known globally for providing professional, quality security services and utilises one of the strongest teams of security experts. Our services are used extensively by our clients who require and insist on:

  • Accurate, high performance analyses
  • Fast reporting and results delivered on time
  • Extensive support services
  • Strategic perspective on information security issues
  • On demand capabilities
  • An independent and vendor neutral security partner that you can trust