Forensic and Incident Response Services has world class forensic capability which meets the rigorous requirements of the judicial process, as well as the PCI standards for evidence acquisition and analysis. The forensic team at have been trained alongside top law enforcement agencies as forensic incident response handlers, and have worked on high profile forensic cases. Previous cases handled by have dealt with fraud, intellectual property theft, network compromises, employee misuse and malware analysis. Evidence collected and analysed by our forensic team has been utilised by the FBI, US Secret Service and local law enforcement agencies, and has led to the successful prosecution of criminals around the globe.

Our capability includes:

  • A dedicated forensic laboratory in line with industry,
  • Hardware based forensic acquisition devices,
  • Industry recognised forensic software, both proprietary and open source
  • Reverse engineering and Malware analysis experience
  • Secure volume storage and image retention capabilities
  • Custom developed forensic methodologies which meet and exceed current judicial requirements
  • Provide specialist legal advice including copyright and IP protection
  • The knowledge and assurance that you are engaging world class talent who are dedicated to the field of computer forensics