External Penetration Testing

External penetration testing consists of a review of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external users without credentials or the appropriate rights to access a system.

The assessment will show whether there has been a Return on Investment of existing implemented security controls, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, or implemented application defences.

Security-Assessment.com’s staff take on the role of an external attacker, and attempt to exploit vulnerable systems to obtain confidential information compromise the network perimeter. We build scenarios utilising the compromised system as a pivot point to further penetrate the network infrastructure, to demonstrate the potential impact of a successful compromise. Our methodology is in accordance with best practice standards and incorporates guidelines from OSSTMM, NIST and OWASP. Security-Assessment.com makes use of our extensive experience in penetration testing and security research to uncover previously undisclosed vulnerabilities providing an unparalleled level of security assurance.