Benefits of Testing

A security review will indicate to our clients where they are vulnerable, and will provide prioritised risk based recommendations to improve the security of the systems tested. works with clients to ensure they understand the delivered report, and provides additional advice and recommendations during the mitigation phase.

Security Policy Compliance

We can identify issues and problems with the implementation of business security policies, as they apply to the organisation being tested.

Quality of Service

All work performed by staff is peer-reviewed, and scrutinised to add additional value where possible. This is a significant improvement in quality above that available from other service providers in the industry.

Reduction in TCO

Providing this level of service through internal personnel is costly to develop and maintain. Through scalability and a dedicated expert resource base, provides an ongoing service with higher levels of quality and service than would be sustainable internally.

Useful Reports reports are tailored to cater for all customer levels, from the executive level right down to the technical team. Our reports expand to include easily understandable details of the vulnerabilities found, including severity, risk, and suggested remedial actions.


Security- has industry leading security consultants that work with clients from project conception, to report delivery and the implementation of remediation steps. Staff members at are available for consultation regarding issues of security during the project lifecycle.

Dedicated Project Management

At we utilise a dedicated PMP certified project manager for all client engagements. A dedicated project management resource allows you the flexibility of rescheduling work, adjusting time lines to match your project, and receiving prompt updates on testing being conducted.