Advisory Services

The security landscape continues to evolve, as organisations look to prevent and protect against increasingly sophisticated network threats, meet stringent compliance and industry regulations, and achieve an overall robust security posture commensurate with your organisation's risks. can help you evaluate your existing security practices in the context of your requirements and future objectives, including technical and business considerations. We can help you make informed decisions about allocating your funds and resources to manage security risks, ultimately resulting in a more secure environment and enabling greater business value for your enterprise.

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List of Advisory Services:

  • Management and Governance Reviews (ISO 27k, Sarbanes Oxley, SIGS, etc)
  • ISMS Implementation Planning
  • PCI DSS / Standards and Compliance Advice (QSA)
  • Continuous Security Assurance Program
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Assessment (GRCA)
  • Environmental Scoping
  • Risk Management Process Development
  • Business Impact and Risk Assessments
  • Policies and Standards Review and Development
  • Compliance and Awareness Review
  • Legal and Regulatory