Company is a purist security company, with a strong focus on research and development. This is delivered in the form of world-class advisory and assurance services to large and medium size enterprises that require a true independent measurement of security compliance, and who need specialist advice to improve their overall information security stance. is a trusted partner providing clients with on-going assurance services and advice to support informed decision making regarding security and risk for their business. Offering both reactive and proactive services, our relationship with clients promotes security awareness and aids security activity at all levels within the organisation. helps design security into the organisational practices rather than through tactical or technological solutions. was the first, solely dedicated, vendor neutral, ethical hacking security company in New Zealand and have now expanded into the Asia Pacific region. Our sole focus is delivering independent security services to clients. By concentrating on this one goal we have built a reputation for high quality, integrity and excellence among our clients. was aquired by Dimension Data in late 2007 and have been operating as Dimension Data New Zealand limited trading as

Dimension Data New Zealand has been a PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) company for a number of years. Our status as a QSA has been placed under the Dimension Data New Zealand listing with the PCI Security Standards Council. The experience, knowledge and awareness that we have created around PCI is held in high regard by both clients and the security community. Our approach helps to ensure that our clients are achieving, validating and maintaining their state of compliance.

We are leaders in web application / penetration testing, architecture and technology assessments and overall Enterprise Security Management services, in addition to being a certified Payment Card Industry assessor.

All of this translates into our clients receiving the best services possible, from one of the world’s best security teams. works with organisations across New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific, the United States and Europe.

Our Testing Styles

External Perspective Testing: assumes the role of a malicious external user, with no previous knowledge of your systems, applications, network infrastructure or specific credentials or access rights. The objective is to simulate the extent to which an attacker can access your environment, and how far they can go.

Internal Perspective Testing:

During an internal test, simulates a malicious authorised user, or a compromised internal account. This approach often targets restricted areas within internal network systems and applications. The objective is to identify how well applications or infrastructures are protected when an attack originates from inside the network.