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Title Event or Publication Author or Presenter Type Date is employing News 26 Jan 2016 View
KeeFarce Released News 02 Nov 2015 View Research Outcome News 19 Aug 2015 View
Better Work Stories News 14 May 2015 View
Phil Doole new leader of News 30 Jun 2014 View
New Security Consultants in, New Zealand News 07 Jun 2014 View
Paul Craig to speak at SysScan 360 SysScan 360 - Beijing News 22 Sep 2013 View
Ryan Baxendale to speak at Xcon Xcon - Beijing News 22 Aug 2013 View
Paul Craig to speak at the Information Security Seminar A Career as a Professional Hacker News 24 Jul 2013 View
Paul Craig to speak at RSA 2013 Asia/Pacific RSA News 05 Jun 2013 View
Denis Andzakovic to speak at AusCERT AusCERT News 23 May 2013 View
Paul Craig to speak at TetCon 2013 TetCon News 15 Jan 2013 View
Paul Craig to speak at XCon 2012 XCon 2012 News 06 Jul 2012 View
Adrian Hayes To Speak At OWASP AppSec Asia Pacific 2012 OWASP AppSec Asia Pacific News 14 Apr 2012 View
Paul Craig Will Be Speaking At Syscan 2012 Syscan 2012 News 20 Mar 2012 View
Scott Bell and Roberto Suggi Liverani To Present At HITB Amsterdam Hack In The Box 2012 News 02 Mar 2012 View
Anton Bolshakov to Present at ZeroNights ZeroNights 2011 News 18 Nov 2011 View
Nick Freeman To Present At Ruxcon 2011 Ruxcon 2011 News 11 Nov 2011 View Kiwicon V Presentations Kiwicon V News 13 Oct 2011 View
Metasploit Modules Released by Blair Strang and Nick Freeman Metasploit Framework News 22 Sep 2011 View
Paul Craig To Present at DEFCON 19 DEFCON 19 News 08 Aug 2011 View
OWASP New Zealand Day 2011 Announced OWASP News 20 Apr 2011 View
Bridging the Gap - Security and Software Testing ANZTB Test Conference 2011 News 28 Mar 2011 View
Fixed lines vulnerable to attack TechDay News 02 Feb 2010 View
Zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox extensions discovered Help Net Security News 20 Nov 2009 View
Security-Assessment Uncovers DSL Vulnerabilities News 20 Nov 2009 View
Browser extensions may be used by cybercriminals Digital Journal News 08 Sep 2009 View
Browser extensions may be used for attacks ZDNet News 03 Sep 2009 View
The unwelcome guest in your machine TechDay News 01 Aug 2009 View
CodeScan takes security scanning to the masses Computerworld News 22 Jul 2009 View
Payments firm backs card security standard Computerworld News 10 Jul 2009 View
Linux beats Windows for kiosk security, says developer Computerworld News 01 Dec 2008 View
Kiwi hacker develops kiosk attack tool Computerworld News 24 Nov 2008 View
Kiwi security pros claim DSL is vulnerable Computerworld News 18 Nov 2008 View
CodeScan targets US with security audit apps Computerworld News 12 Nov 2008 View
Kiwi's Defcon contest challenges AV vendors Computerworld News 19 Aug 2008 View
GCSB clamps down on government networks Computerworld News 25 Feb 2008 View
Adobe PDF exploit infects 'many thousands,' says researcher Computerworld News 12 Feb 2008 View
Risky Business podcast - x.25 security News 17 Jan 2008 View
Datacraft acquires News 14 Jan 2008 View
Playstation hacker’s dream News 29 Nov 2007 View
Kiwicon in detail SearchSecurity News 23 Nov 2007 View
Classroom breaches of top enterprises spur industry debate Computerworld News 19 Oct 2007 View
ZDNet security news News 01 Oct 2007 View
Experts cast doubts on Chinese hacking scare Computerworld News 24 Sep 2007 View
Data-breach guidelines welcomed — by govt, at least Computerworld News 07 Sep 2007 View
Ethical hackers doubt ethical hacking MIS Financial Review News 07 Sep 2007 View
Privacy Commissioner boosts breach disclosure drive with guidelines Computerworld News 27 Aug 2007 View
Credit card security standard largely ignored SearchSecurity News 02 Aug 2007 View
Pregnant pause OK for Microsoft News 13 Jul 2007 View
New Trojan shows return of script kiddies Computerworld News 29 Jun 2007 View
Data-breach disclosure law gets thumbs-up from IT Computerworld News 05 Jun 2007 View
NZ security guru calls for data breach disclosure Computerworld News 26 Mar 2007 View
DEMO woman scopes New Zealand tech Computerworld News 07 Feb 2007 View
Auditor warns: Beware of security vendors selling PCI compliance Computerworld News 30 Jan 2007 View
PCIDSS Compliance Products Require Diligence SANS NewsBites News 23 Jan 2007 View
Security conference to debut Windows firewire crack News 19 Sep 2006 View
Kiwi security expert finds flaw in Skype Computerworld News 06 Jun 2006 View
Training lags in race to secure the enterprise Computerworld News 09 May 2006 View
CodeScan formalises distro deal with Computerworld News 07 Apr 2006 View
Companies pass the buck on IP protection Computerworld News 02 Mar 2006 View
Scanning tool looks to wipe out vulnerable code Computerworld News 14 Jul 2005 View
Invalid banking cert spooks only one user in 300 Computerworld News 16 May 2005 View
Internet Banking Security questioned TVNZ News 29 Mar 2005 View
Payment card compliance deadline a boon for penetration testers Computerworld News 29 Mar 2005 View
Major companies team on vulnerability rating system. Computerworld News 21 Feb 2005 View
Air is thick with vulnerable wireless networks Computerworld News 09 Feb 2005 View
Breaking Tradition Sydney Morning Herald News 01 Feb 2005 View
Hackers exploit critical Winamp flaw - News 30 Nov 2004 View
WinAmp blows another security fuse Computerworld News 25 Nov 2004 View
Feeling Vulnerable? Try Assessment Tools CSO News 27 Jul 2004 View