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Security-Assessment.com is a purist security company, with a strong focus on research and development. This is delivered in the form of world-class advisory and assurance services to large and medium size enterprises that require a true independent measurement of security compliance, and who need specialist advice to improve their overall information security stance. We are a trusted partner providing clients with on-going assurance services and advice to support informed decision making regarding security and risk for their business. Security-Assessment.com helps design security into the organisational practices rather than through tactical or technological solutions.



19 Aug 2015,
At the recent Defcon 23 conference in Las Vegas, the Microsoft Security Response Center posted its Top 100 top researchers across the globe. Scott Bell from SA.com in NZ was ranked 24th. This is a superb achievement from Scott, with most of the top researchers dedicating their full time to this research. Scott achieved this using the 20% research time allocated as part of SA.com's R&D program. Scott has used this time to find numerous vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
14 May 2015,
Want a better work story? SA.com have just completed an onsite wireless pen test and firewall review on board a ship under construction in South Korea. The testing was undertaken over 2 weeks and involved working with the local IT and construction team to complete the project in a pretty interesting and unique environment. Want a role at in leading security company with varied and interesting clients and projects? Then email us your CV.


19 May 2014,
Denis Andzakovic
SSL Pinning is a security measure employed by applications in an attempt to thwart users from intercepting requests with a web proxy. This whitepaper will discuss methods used to bypass SSL pinning.
21 April 2010,
Roberto Suggi Liverani
Cross Context Scripting (XCS) is a term coined for a browser based content injection in the Firefox chrome zone...